Weekly Assignments

Lecture Topic & Reading

Session 1


Session 2

The Geographical Setting and the Historical Framework

Session 3

History without Words: From the Pre-History of the Land to the Dawn of History

Session 4

Conquering or Settling in Peacefully: Archaeology, Bible, and Modern Scholarship

Session 5

From Tribal Society to Monarchies: The Philistines, the Israelites, and their Neighbors

Session 6

Jerusalem in the First Temple Period

Session 7

In the Shadows of the Eastern Super-Powers (I): The Northern Israelite Kingdom

Session 8

In the Shadows of the Eastern Super-Powers (II): The Southern Judaean Kingdom

Session 9

The Persian Rule and the Judaean-Samaritan Conflict

Session 10

Turning West – The Hellenistic Period

Session 11

The Rise and Fall of the Maccabean State

Session 12

The Early Roman Period: From Herod to the Great Revolt

Session 13

Jerusalem and the Temple Mount in the Second Temple Period

Session 14

Jesus and the Birth of Christianity

Session 15

The Later Roman Period – Political and Social History

Session 16

Paul and the Rise of Christianity

Session 17

Byzantine Palestine

Session 18

From Cross to Crescent – The Islamic Conquest

Session 19

Jund Urdunn and Jund Filastin: The Land as Part of the Early Islamic Empires

Session 20

The “Jerusalem Kingdom” of the Crusades

Session 21

From Saladin to Baybars: Drawing the Crusades “Back to the Ocean”

Session 22

The Mamluks

Session 23

The Ottomans

Session 24

The British Mandate

Session 25

1948-2008: Two Generations of Israeli-Palestinian Conflicts

Session 26

Concluding Remarks: What’s in a Land?

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