Photo Credit: MIKI Yoshihito We’re excited to provide you with new teaching tools and we will be developing and releasing them in stages. As such, some tools will be unavailable at this time, but we still wanted to provide you with a short synopsis of what is to come. Be sure to check out our news section for updates. You can also sign up for updates via our newsletter. Some tools will also require you to have an instructor account. You can sign up for one here. Follow any active links below to read more about the resource.

Image database

A repository for all of the images available for classroom use.

For Land of Israel/Palestine images, see here.

For Ancient Mediterranean Life, see here

Paul in Athens Documentary

A historical documentary about the Apostle Paul along with interactive exercises for students in higher education classrooms.

Image Odyssey Digital Exhibits

An interactive investigation of the ancient Mediterranean world using Neatline’s geospatial mapping platform.

Kelsey Museum Experience

Some of our most exciting learning materials are available at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology for hands-on learning experiences.

Kelsey Research Zydeco App

Postponed; see their independent project here.

Global Videoconferencing Experience

An initiative to connect higher education classrooms globally and learn collectively.